January 19, 2024

TNAA Wellness Program Receives Bronze Recognition from Cigna Healthcare

We are thrilled to share that the TNAA Three Pillars of Wellness program has been awarded the Bronze National Designation by Cigna Healthcare. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating a thriving work culture that prioritizes the vitality and well-being of our exceptional workforce.

Under the visionary leadership of the Health and Wellness Committee, the Three Pillars of Wellness program has become a cornerstone of TNAA’s dedication to fostering a healthy and engaged workforce. Receiving the Bronze National Designation from Cigna is a significant milestone, reflecting the hard work, dedication, and sense of community that defines our wellness journey.

“This recognition from Cigna is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the well-being of our valued workforce,” said Tim McKenzie, CEO. “It underscores our dedication to fostering a healthy work culture and prioritizing the vitality of our incredible employees and travelers. We take great pride in this accomplishment, and it serves as a powerful affirmation of the collaborative spirit and community focus that defines TNAA. As we continue to prioritize wellness, I am immensely proud of our team and grateful for their dedication to creating a workplace that promotes the health and vitality of everyone in the TNAA family.”

TNAA’s Three Pillars of Wellness Program

The Three Pillars of Wellness program launched in early 2022 under the guidance of Dr. Bozzone, MD, and Kristen Henderson, TNAA’s HR Manager. Since its inception, the program has evolved into a comprehensive and holistic approach to employee well-being to drive employee engagement and foster a positive workforce culture.

The program is managed in-house and shares resources, webinars, and communication through various channels that align with current best practices for maintaining optimal health and well-being. The team tracks engagement to help meet individual needs and ensure engagement with the resources they share.

In a recent email to employees, Kristen Henderson extended her gratitude to everyone at TNAA who has contributed to the program’s success. “We extend heartfelt thanks to each one of you for being an essential part of this path to well-being. As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to continuing our mission of providing a holistic approach to wellness, personalized to meet the diverse needs of our TNAA community. The Three Pillars of Wellness program will continue to evolve, ensuring TNAA remains a leader in promoting employee health and engagement,” she said.

Thank you for being an integral part of our wellness community. Here’s to achieving even greater heights together!