March 4, 2024

TNAA's Spring 2024 BSN Scholarship Winner: Ian B

We are proud to announce the Spring 2024 BSN Scholarship recipient, Ian B. Ian is attending nursing school at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and will graduate with his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in the spring of 2024. This scholarship recognizes his commitment to his field, a path he set his sights on while in the Air Force.

What Inspired Him to Become a Nurse

Although Ian has a bright future ahead of him in nursing, nursing will be his second career following eight years of serving as a military firefighter. It was in the Air Force that he first discovered his passion for healthcare, earning his associate degree in Health Sciences from American Military University.

During his time in the Air Force, Ian jumped at every opportunity to answer a medical call, giving help and care to the individual beyond the call of duty. He was also in charge of his station’s medical inventory and teaching medical classes there.

He soon discovered a program that would allow him to become a nurse while enlisted in the military, but Ian did not meet its requirements. “Instead of letting this deter me, I set out to dedicate the rest of my time in the military to preparing for nursing school,” he said. “I had a great mentor who helped me see the bigger picture and map out my separation plan and the schooling I would need to reach my goal.”

In addition to pursuing his degree, Ian is a dedicated husband to a full-time night shift med-surg nurse and father to two active toddlers. This scholarship will help the family navigate his final semester of nursing school with some financial relief, allowing Ian to focus more on his studies than on the financial needs of their family.

What’s Next for Ian

Ian’s interests in nursing extend to various specialties, including ER, ICU, Oncology, and Psych. No matter what specialty he pursues, he’s dedicated to providing exceptional care. He also has plans to help reduce the amount of waste he sees in the field, including supplies, time, and other valuable resources. Ian would like to become an active member of a unit practice council to help lead changes he hopes could become system-wide.

“Now that I am coming into my final semester, the patients I’ve met in the clinical hours that I’ve had and the patients I am yet to care for inspire me to be a better nurse and care from the heart,” he shared.

TNAA’s BSN Scholarship

Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, Ian, and good luck with the rest of your educational journey! We look forward to seeing where your career takes you, and we hope this scholarship helps you on your journey to becoming a nurse.

TNAA, one of the country’s top ten travel nurse staffing agencies, is proud to offer scholarships to individuals seeking a BSN degree. The Spring Scholarship has closed. Please stay tuned for more info regarding our future scholarship opportunities.