Vince Simpson

fun fact
Once rode a 4-wheeler from Gunnison to Telluride in Colorado!

About Vince

Vince has worked with TNAA for over 3 years, and we feel so lucky to have him! If you’re looking for a recruiter who will empower you to reach your professional goals, Vince is your perfect fit. He leverages his behind-the-scenes experience in the industry to educate his nurses to take the reigns in their career choices. Vince believes in arming his nurses with knowledge, providing them with the most information possible so they can make the best decision for themselves. From industry insight to state laws, he will give you the why behind it all. But above all, he’s a solution seeker. When things don’t go as planned or the unexpected happens, Vince works tirelessly to find the right solution as soon as possible. Outside of work, it’s all about the outdoors. Living in Arkansas, you’ll likely find Vince hiking, adding parts to his Jeep so he can hit the trails, or throwing an ax.