February 26, 2019

2019 TNAA Scholarship Awardees

tnaa nurse scholarship

At Travel Nurse Across America, we are committed to providing professional development opportunities and continuing education to the nursing community. Twice a year, we extend an invitation to RN’s nationwide to apply for a $2,500 scholarship towards a BSN program. The awardee is selected by our scholarship committee.

Spring 2019 Scholarship Winner: Abigail

We are delighted to announce Abigail F. of Evansville, Indiana as the proud recipient of our 2019 Spring Scholarship award.

Abigail, a full-time nursing student at the University of Southern Indiana, was inspired by her mom at an early age to pursue a nursing career. In fact, it was her mom’s determination to become an RN that sparked Abigail’s interest in nursing. While her dad was on deployment in Iraq, Abigail’s mom decided to go back to school—all while caring for her two young children by herself. Seeing her mom work so hard to get her board results had a profound impact on Abigail.

“Watching her at work with the patients, she was kind and expressed empathy. My mom always put a smile on her patients’ faces no matter what kind of day it was. I knew from that moment that was who I wanted to become.”

Abigail’s mom went on to work in a dialysis clinic, often bringing Abigail to the clinic with her. When her mom saw her interest in nursing, she encouraged Abigail to explore the healthcare field; leading her to become a patient care technician. She realized just how much education would be involved with nursing. Yet, it was her work as a PTC that helped Abigail decide that she truly loved the healthcare atmosphere, appreciated a nurses’ workload, and solidified her determination to pursue her nursing education.

Now a junior in college, Abigail works two jobs while maintaining a 4.0 GPA—which is no easy feat for a full-time student! She plans to continue her education and become a nurse practitioner, along with traveling. Hailing from a small town, Abigail dreams of experiencing life and culture outside of her Indiana home as a travel nurse.

Another draw of being a travel nurse for Abigail would be gaining invaluable nursing experience and knowledge, all while helping people. A self-proclaimed overachiever, Abigail touts this trait as the heart of her incredible work ethic, drive to do her very best, and passion for people. We think this is what made her such a standout applicant and why we’re so honored to present her with this scholarship. Abigail intends to graduate with her BSN in May of 2020.

Fall 2019 Scholarship Winner: Shelby

After reviewing applications, we are delighted to announce our Fall 2019 Scholarship Awardee as Shelby Moore. Shelby is a nursing student at the University of Kansas.

tnaa nurse scholarship winner

Growing up, Shelby watched her mom work tirelessly to ensure that needs were met, but sometimes she came up short despite her efforts. Her mom’s positive attitude and disciplined work approach fostered a strong sense of determination in Shelby. As a first-generation college student, Shelby feels incredibly proud and motivated to be successful for herself, and for her mom. She’s stared down adversity before and feels confident these skills will help her be the best nurse. Long shifts, unexpected codes, and care plans require efficient work with a caring heart.

While her mother was working, Shelby connected with a family friend, Lou Ann. Although Lou Ann isn’t Shelby’s biological mother, she cared for Shelby like a mother. But more than that, she was inspired by watching Lou Ann conquer CRNA school as a first-generation college student. More than overcoming life challenges, it’s the characteristics Lou Ann demonstrated day-in and day-out that moved Shelby: competent and compassionate.

As a first-year student, Shelby was nominated to Treasurer of the Froehlke-Laptad Nursing Academic Society of KU and the Co-Director of Education for the UMKC Miracle Makers. That work ethic and desire to serve stood out to our selection committee. Travel nurses often need to demonstrate a willingness to help where needed and to adapt quickly — a characteristic Shelby showcased by seeking out leadership opportunities within her nursing program and school.

After nursing school, Shelby plans to continue following Lou Ann’s path by becoming a CRNA as well. While she’s not sure if travel nursing is in her future, she does share in our core values. In fact, her professional goals drive her to change some of the negativity that comes with nursing. From venting about hospital policies to speaking poorly about patients, empathy and compassion fall off to the side.

We’re so honored to play a small role in the future of the nursing profession. Congratulations Shelby, we look forward to your career success — and we know your future patients are too!