August 4, 2012

Travel Nurse Stories: Work 3 Days, Mountain Bike for 4

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Meet Charlie Rundell, RN

When you think of Charlie Rundell, the famous Queen song “I want to ride my bicycle” comes to mind. Charlie is a young, adventurous, ER Nurse whose motto is “Work 3-days, mountain bike for 4!” An avid mountain bike racer, he uses travel nursing as a way to gain valuable experience in the career he loves, as well as to explore new places, race different trails, and meet other bikers.

Growing up in the small town of Nazareth, Texas, Charlie moved to Amarillo to attend college and start his nursing career. His decision to become a nurse wasn’t a hard one… Charlie wanted to make a difference and being a nurse gave him the opportunity to change people’s lives. A self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie” it’s no surprise he became an ER RN. “I knew right away I wanted to work in the ER. I love the constant change and never knowing what’s going to come through the door. I love the adrenaline rush…it’s just my personality.” He says. Once while working triage, a mother walked in with her baby wrapped in a blanket. “The young mother told me the child just wasn’t acting right. As I unwrapped him, I realized the child was blue and obviously in serious respiratory distress.” Charlie was able to rush the child back and with success, the child was revived. “I’m always learning and seeing things that I have never experienced…that’s the great thing about the ER!”

The First Week is Always Rough

Travel nursing piqued his interest early on in his career. He realized there was so much of the country he had never seen. As a guy who “is always up to try anything new” (as he says), he thought he would give it a shot.

With his mountain bike in tow, he set out for his first assignment in San Antonio. Having never traveled before it was definitely an adjustment. “Trying to get the hang of the travel nursing gig was challenging at first,” he explains. “After starting work with just one day of orientation, I was ready to throw in the towel. But, I ended up meeting several other travelers that reassured me the first week is always rough. I stuck it out and after I got past the first week everything was great. I loved it!”

Charlie’s love for being outdoors, racing bikes and just being able to see the country has only fueled his desire to continue traveling nursing. ” I get to explore backcountry trails that take you to some of the most remote places.” He explains. “I’ve discovered some very special places and seen views that would blow your mind!” Currently, on assignment in Idaho, Charlie has met several other bikers. “My first week here, I met up with a group and we did a 4-hour ride. I rode down some of the best trails I’ve ever seen.” He says. “I have met some amazing people. Being in a strange place for 3-months at a time, defiantly makes you step out of your shell and become one heck of a people person!”

Charlie has been with Travel Nurse Across America since starting his nursing career. “I like the honest one-on-one relationship I have with my recruiter Judy and everyone at TNAA.” he explains. “I always need a clear communication of the plan and everyone at TNAA provides me with that from personal phone calls, emails or text messages.” Charlie says he has been on a straight shot path since college. “Traveling is where my life is at this point and I couldn’t be happier!”