February 16, 2024

Healthcare Travel Dating Success Stories

As busy and unique as the travel nurse and healthcare travel lifestyle is, finding and maintaining romantic relationships might seem challenging. Long work hours and traveling to new places may not seem ideal for staying together beyond the length of your contract.

Rest assured: the travel life doesn’t have to mean forgoing a love life. In fact, traveling offers even more opportunities to meet new people, increasing your chances of finding a fulfilling relationship. You can have a thriving travel healthcare career and still navigate your love life with ease.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read on to hear stories from TNAA travelers who have found love while on the road.

Successful Healthcare Traveler Dating Stories

Here are five travelers who shared their love stories and how they’ve successfully navigated their relationships as travelers.

Blending Healthcare Travel and the Army

One year into her new career as an ultrasound career tech, Allison met her now husband, an active member of the Army. “Six months after I met him, I looked into a travel contract to be closer to him, as he’s always on the move,” she said. The pair got engaged before the end of her first contract.

Now married, Allison fully embraces the travel healthcare lifestyle, taking assignments to follow him wherever he’s stationed. “I would have a hard time working with his Army schedule if it was for traveling,” she said. “I am so thankful for TNAA and the opportunities traveling has afforded our family!”

High School Sweethearts Still Going Strong

Alexis and her husband started dating when they were young high school freshman. Their relationship thrived throughout high school, and they went to college together, where they got engaged.

Even with Alexis’s busy lifestyle as a travel nurse – she has worked in PCU, Tele, and MedSurg – their relationship just gets better and better. “We feel fortunate to have been a part of each other’s lives for so long and have gone through many milestones together,” Alexis said. The happy couple has now celebrated six years of happy marriage!


Proof Tacos Can Change Your Life

Everybody loves tacos, but Stephanie Mitrano, a Tele/MedSurg travel nurse, found a way for them to love her back. While on a night shift assignment in Reno, an inmate was brought into her unit, accompanied by two officers.

One of the officers and Stephanie hit it off, talking about work, travel, and tacos over the next few nights. “For the next three weeks, he came to my unit,” she shared. “Mind you, the inmate was now discharged. He brought me tacos from different Mexican restaurants in Reno and became known on the unit as Taco Sheriff Guy.”

But Taco Sheriff Guy stepped up his game on Valentine’s Day by bringing Stephanie a home-cooked meal. As fate would have it, the two had planned separate trips to Vegas that very weekend and decided to meet up for a Knights game – and he even planned a helicopter ride for the pair.

The couple will celebrate one year together this March and got engaged on February 15, 2024!


Lucky Date Number Eight

While on assignment in Washington, ER travel nurse Erica Wilhemina challenged herself to get out and enjoy more of the Pacific Northwest by dating. Little did she know it would lead to so much more. “I told myself I needed to go on ten dates,” she said. Her now boyfriend of almost two years was lucky date number eight!


Challenge Accepted

Cherry Castillo da Silva was on a travel nurse assignment in Spokane, Washington when she met Zachery, the love of her life. She and her friends went out for drinks one night, and one of her friends challenged him to do a goofy dance in exchange for a drink. Cherry and Zackery exchanged numbers, and the rest was history.

The happy couple exchanged vows in October 2023. He even took her last name! The pair have made the most out of Cherry’s travel nurse lifestyle, traveling over 11,000 miles to see one another last year alone!

These stories are only a few examples of healthcare travelers and travel nurses who have found lasting love amidst thriving travel careers. Whether you are looking for something casual or hoping to meet the love of your life, you can build a connection as unique as your travel lifestyle. Check out our tried-and-true tips for dating as a travel nurse or healthcare traveler for more inspiration as you navigate the dating world.

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