November 27, 2023

TNAA's Fall 2023 BSN Scholarship Winner: Ashley G.

We are proud to announce the recipient of the Fall 2023 BSN Scholarship, Ashley G. Currently attending nursing school at Gordon State College, Ashley will graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in the spring of 2025. This scholarship recognizes her commitment to the field, driven by her inspiring journey to nursing and her deep sense of compassion.

What Inspired Her to Become a Nurse

Nursing, for Ashley, was not just a career choice but a calling she discovered at a young age. At the tender age of 17, Ashley became a mother to a child diagnosed with Centro Nuclear Myopathy, a rare genetic muscle dystrophy. Through his medical care, she witnessed and experienced the impact a compassionate nurse can have on patients and their families experiencing illnesses.

“My son inspired me to become a nurse,” she shared with TNAA. “His situation created in my heart a desire to care for patients and families who are or would be facing critical health situations and life-altering health moments.”

Ashley’s dedication to her son and her journey as a caregiver gave her a unique perspective on patient care. She knows the patient end of the medical field, and the skills she gained through caring for her son have prepared her to make a substantial contribution to healthcare.

Ashley’s story is about more than hardship; Her path to nursing has required resilience and the strength to overcome adversity. Despite facing significant challenges, including the loss of her son, she has persevered in her pursuit of a nursing career.

What’s Next for Ashley

Ashley’s vision for her future in nursing encompasses various specialties, including ER, ICU, NICU, OR, PACU, PCU, Ped ER, Ped OR, Pre-Op, Psych, and more. No matter what specialty she ends up in, her goal is to provide compassionate care to patients and families as they navigate the complexities of healthcare.

Ashley also aspires to bring change to the healthcare industry. She believes in fostering a culture of traditional care and compassion in nursing rather than focusing solely on financial incentives. Ashley is steadfast in her commitment to honesty, transparency, and doing what’s right for patients. Ashley hopes to serve her community as a nurse with the same care and sincerity she and her son received.

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Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, Ashley, and good luck with the rest of your educational journey! We look forward to seeing where your career takes you, and we hope this scholarship helps you on your journey to becoming a nurse.

TNAA, one of the country’s top ten travel nurse staffing agencies, will offer its next $2,500 BSN Scholarship in the spring of 2024. To apply, fill out our scholarship application. The eligibility requirements, deadlines, and award information are available on our website.