Is It Hard to Become a Travel Nurse?

Thinking of becoming a travel nurse but not sure where to start? We understand!

Travel nursing can be an intimidating subject to a newcomer. Lucky for you, we’ve been helping staff nurses achieve their dreams of traveling for a long time, and we know how to help with just about any uncertainty you may have. Often times, our new travel nurses have questions on many of the same challenging topics, like housing, pay and benefits. Check out the helpful articles below for more information on some of the most frequently asked about topics.

Ready, Set, Go – Launching into Travel Nursing

Thinking of making the leap from staff nurse to travel nurse? We’ll show you how. From immunization requirements and licenses to job offers, housing and more, learn what to expect when beginning your travel nursing career.

How to Compare Pay Packages

Travel nursing pay packages can vary widely depending on a number of factors, making it hard to compare them fairly. We’ll walk you through the most common factors that go into pay packages and explain the best way to make a comparison.

Travel Nurse Resume Tips

Wondering what experience hiring managers are looking for when considering a travel nurse? Learn how to put your best foot forward with important tips on how to prepare the right resume to get the assignment of your dreams.

What Travel Nurses Wish They’d Known Before Taking Their First Assignment

Many new travelers experience the same hesitations about setting out on their first assignments. Our seasoned recruiters understand these worries and have explained some of the most common things they discuss with first-time travelers to calm their fears.

Travel Nurse FAQ

Beginning your travel nursing journey can come with a lot of questions, but we’re here to help you work through them. To start, read through this list of the questions our first-time travelers ask most often and find answers to some of the main things you may be wondering about.