Top Travel Nurse Questions & FAQs Answered | TNAA

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
What are the requirements to work with Travel Nurse Across America?
How do I get started?
What happens when I fill out an application?
Benefits & Pay
How often do I get paid, is it direct deposit, and who pays me?
What is covered as a travel nurse?
What if I get sick while on assignment?
Do you offer reimbursement for continuing education programs?
Finding an Assignment
What happens during a travel nursing interview?
What about licensing?
How do I find housing on assignment?
Taking My First Assignment
Can I bring my family and/or pets when I travel?
How do I get to my new assignment?
What should I expect when I get to the hospital?
What happens if I miss a day on assignment?
When will I find out about orientation and do I get paid for it?
Planning Ahead
Can you keep me working as a travel nurse?
How soon should I start looking for my next assignment?