About Travel Nursing

We want to answer your biggest questions about travel nursing
We want to answer your biggest questions about travel nursing

When you accept a travel nursing assignment, you take on much more than just a job.

Everywhere you go holds its own adventure, full of new people, new patients and new life experiences. If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a travel nurse, our dedicated, experienced staff can help you get there.

Whether you’re thinking about travel nursing for the first time or you’ve been on the road for years, we want to answer your biggest questions about travel nursing and what Travel Nurse Across America can offer you. For more information on what to expect when working as a travel nurse or about TNAA, give our recruiting specialists a call at 800-240-2526.


We offer all the benefits you need to be successful. Here are just a few of our nurses’ favorites:

Low Census Protection ™

We pay for the number of hours you’ve agreed to work in your contract, regardless of changing hospital needs due to low census.

Your Way Is Paid

When you travel with us, we cover the costs of all necessary licenses and credentials.

Travel Reimbursement

We offer up to $1,000 to help get you to your assignment.

Paid Sick Leave

Start earning from your first shift worked, and use it after 90 days of employment with us.

Easy Stay Housing

Take advantage of our company-provided housing that pays like a subsidy.

Rebook, extension, referral, and extra shift bonus opportunities

Earn extra money by extending an assignment, signing up for additional assignments, working extra shifts, and referring new nurses.

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